Monday, June 28, 2010

It's official...

Spending all your money
Aint it funny how time goes by
At first you start belivin then youre leaving for no reason
And youre wondering why
So til the morning breaks
Go and make your mistakes
Don't be surprised if your head hurts
Life is for the living, the forgiving and for leaving town alive

I told my boss and I've told my friends. Nothing left to do but pack and figure the rest of my life out.I'm leaving my home and the place that I love for a new adventure. Off to Seattle, a place I never even contemplated going until my Michigan born boyfriend decided he wanted a change. Brought to Chicago for reasons he hates along with the "nomad mentality" he has, has made him pick the West coast....and I am along for the ride.

I know how it sounds, I know how it looks. I've already heard several times over from several people "soooo, you're moving across the country for a boy? Why?" Simple- Why not? I've lived in Chicago most of my life (minus college and a small stint in Tucson, Az), so why not expereince something new with someone I love?

I'll admit it wasnt my first choice, but it's an adventure. But how am I supposed to get outside my comfort zone and see what I really can do if, for just a short time, step outside that zone and see what else there is in life to experience.

I'm exicted, I'm scared, I'm starting anew...