Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So, every city has characheristics that people refer to and stereotype about. I can talk for days about what Chicago people are like and what we do. Here are a few things I have observed while in Seattle-

1) No one talks about how hilly Seattle is. They ONLY focus on the rain. Hate to say it, but I think the hills mixed with my ghetto '98 Camry are worse

2) The "Seattle Freeze" is true. I asked my manager if it was true. She said a sharp "yes" then quickly walked away. Point proven. The nicest people we've met here are from anywhere but Seattle. Good thing implants run this place

3) I have yet to see a hippie...bummer

4)More shopping malls than Chicago and neighboring 'burbs...insane amounts of shopping

5) You can turn a corner and find the most beautiful view you've ever seen

6) The only take-out food available is asian and pizza (not Chicago style)

7)You have to have a dog. EVERYONE has a dog- best way to meet randoms :p

8) There are national Batista competitions for coffee service and preparation...weird but whatever :)

9) There are 424 Starbucks in Seattle alone. I see signs everywhere- "this way to Starbucks." Unless these signs begin to have 50 arrows each direction, they seem a bit redundant...

10) I'm homesick, but that's to be expected. I do actually like it here