Sunday, March 13, 2011

My two cents

Dear Cancer,

Since I had a spare moment at the hospital while my father is sleeping, I decided to take this time to tell you how I feel about you. Let me start in the simplest terms- FUCK YOU! You selfish asshole, I hate you. You are that bitchy cheerleader in high school that prays on the weak just so you can feel strong. Everyone hates that bitchy cheerleader too. You take and take and take yet are never satisfied. You knock people down when they least expect it. You ruin lives and destroy families. I repeat- FUCK YOU! You are the reason my dad has been in the hospital for weeks, you are the reason he hurts. You have taken an innocent person and changed him. It is now my misson to make sure that you never hurt anyone else again. I will destroy you and I will not stop until I do...

1 comment:

Geoff said...

Stay strong Riky!!! I know you are frustrated and angry. But I know you are a strong person!!